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Election results positive for the progression of online poker in the US

President Barack Obama has been elected in a tightly run US presidential race. US online poker players will be happy with this result because while Obama is neutral on internet poker and the issues surrounding Black Friday and the suspension of poker in America, Romney and a large percentage of Republicans would have stopped any potential solution.

Republicans retained control in the House of Representatives, including a victory in the key state for online poker, which saw Heller’s beat Berkley. While both have been advocates for the reintroduction of internet poker, Heller was one of the few Republicans really pushing his party to support the reintroduction of poker in the US.

Since his victory, Heller has said that he wants to work to get something pushed through before the end of the year. However, there is an issue, Sen. Harry Reid retained majority leadership in the Senate, and Reid and Heller have had their spats in this campaign.

However, with this in mind, Heller is still confident that he and Reid will be able to thrash out a solution. He said before the election that if he wins he will sit down with Reid to talk about a solution after holding ‘clear the air’ talks.

Everything seems to have fallen into place for the poker bill to be introduced at the highest level. However, unfortunately, while this is a huge point for online poker players in the US, the government has got much more important matters to deal with. While this is bad news, the bill will be raised shortly and will be discussed, and you can’t help but think that if Romney was in charge, there would not have been a resolution to this on-going saga until the Democrats were back in.

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