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My First Live Experience

Playing your first live game can be extremely daunting, especially if you are playing at a casino with no dealers! It was the day after my 18th birthday, and I wanted to play poker, having been restricted to home games.

So I checked for local games, and I found what looked like a ‘fun’ casino game down in Brighton. It was a £10 re-buy, which seemed to get a decent amount of runners and wasn’t out of my budget, so I booked my place and headed there.

I have to say, the excitement and anticipation of your first live game is indescribable, even though to everybody but me this was a normal night. Looking back at it, I was in awe of what I now consider to be a terrible tournament.


The £10+1 re-buy in a casino is one of the worst tournaments you can enter for a number of reasons. However, it quite suits a new player, because, in reality, every player regardless of their experience starts playing like a complete donkey. Therefore, if you do play in one of these tournaments, never expect to learn anything and do not think this is how all tournaments are played.


From the very start, the tournament was simply inexplicable. In reality, there were probably only two or three players at my table of nine who knew what they were doing and the rest saw the card room as an extension of the casino. This meant the action was frantic, and people basically had their notes at the ready to top up.


Unfortunately, unless you get very lucky, or you have a lot of money the chances of even cashing are next to none. Even though I doubled up a few times, I never had the stack or the knowledge to challenge for any paid position. Out of about 90 I ended up finishing out of the cash in about 20th, which I was happy with because it was my first tournament.

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