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Who are the nine final table players at the WSOP

As play rolls into the last day it would only be right to look at the players of the final table in a bit more detail. Three players are left, but only one will walk away as the champion.

46,875,000 chips Jake Balsiger – at just 21, Balsiger was the youngest player to sit down at the final table. From Ariz, Balsiger is a college student with limited poker experience before entering the WSOP.

88,350,000 chips Greg Merson – going into the final day with the chip lead, Merson is a professional from Laurel. Merson already has over $1.3 million (WSOP) in live cashes to his name, including winning this year’s $10,000 six handed tournament.

62,750,000 chips Jesse Sylvia – From Las Vegas, Sylvia is by rights a poker professional, even though his prior WSOP tournament experience was limited to single cash for less than $3,000. However, at 24, the future looks bright for this poker prodigy.

4th place Russell Thomas – taking down over $2.8 million at 24 is quite an achievement. As one of the three amateurs at the table Thomas still had over $125,000 in live WSOP cashes to his name.

5th place Jeremy Ausmus – with 13 cashes for over $110,000, Ausmus at 33 was actually one of the oldest people at the table. Currently living in Vegas, Ausmus is a poker professional.

6th place Andras Koroknai – the only non American player at the table, Koroknai had two series cashes for almost 40k.

7th place Michael Esposito – as the second oldest at the table, Esposito busted out with AJ against Merson’s AK. As the last first amateur to be eliminated Esposito was a commodities broker before the WSOP.

8th place Robert Salaburu – from San Antonio, Salaburu had no prior cashes in the WSOP, but this is a decent place to start! Salaburu busted out for $971,360 when his pocket 7s lost against Sylvia’s Q-5.

9th place Steve Gee – as the oldest player at the table, Gee has four previous cashes for $480,000 in the WSOP. He busted out after his 8s lost against Thomas’s Qs.

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