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Mac Remover Water Altona Meadows Melbourne 17 Jul 2014 10:19 #1

I cant fault the doctors at this clinic but what i will complain about is that whenever i need an appointment for that day they are always booked out ,Mac Remover Water, then ill walk past there and there is no one waiting in the waiting area and they are meant to be booked out?? I've also walked in and sat there for a half an hour with no one waiting in waiting room for a walk in appointment and have waited for 2 hours with hardly anyone around . It really makes me mad since its my local doctor and i have to go all the way to Point Cook for an appointment which i can get straight away but can't get in to see my local doctor .
I have frequented this clinic over many years and have found the mixed culture of Drs at this clinic particularly frustrating. The staff at reception is lovely and the only friendliest receptionist there who smiles and is polite. I have had several issues of frustration with staff at this Clinic, availability of late evening appointments available the majority of times only which has made coming with children probmatic. On a more positive note there is only 1 Dr who is the very best Dr at this Clinic, they are fantastic, friendly, speaks fluent English, courteous, caring, down to earth and normal highly recommend an excellent doctor and if he wasn't there,Liverpool Trikot, I would have left the Clinic long ago. The Clinic is always very clean, plenty of TVs to watch so you don't get bored waiting and the extension of hours is great in this region but late evening appointments are unsuitable for sick children.
The WORST clinic I have ever visited ! I have visited this clinic a few times in past 2 years .
ALL Dr's I have seen have been thorough. The best thing is they are professional don't just hand out scripts so you feel they have done something. When I moved to the area they ask for my history to be sent to them before they would write a script for pain killers, very responsible if you ask me. They also sent me to get updated cat scans of my back since I had back surgery 5yrs ago things were playing up again. Sometimes you can wait hours if you dont have sn appiuntment but seriously if you are feeling sick then consider yourself lucky they you get that option? Other clinics just say no. If you are so sick you can't wait,Adidas Väska, go to hospital, youll be waiting even longer. Each Dr, and I have seen four,mac makeup sale, have equally been exactly that, Doctors.相关的主题文章:

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