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TOPIC: Only Lederjacke 790FX SB750 Motherboard

Only Lederjacke 790FX SB750 Motherboard 17 Jul 2014 10:17 #1

This is my first experience with any tweaking utilities from Foxconn,Only Lederjacke. My initial impression was generally a good one. The application is very lean and while not over flowing with features it covers the basics while being small and having very low overhead in all areas. The program installs quickly and takes up very little memory or CPU cycles from the looks of things. Like all included motherboard utilities this program serves to provide two functions: General health monitoring in the form of temperature and voltage information and overclocking within the Windows environment. The utility has a very forgiving learning curve but I will say that I have one HUGE complaint with it,Nike Running scarpe. When one of your fans reports zero RPMs an alarm sounds and there is no way to silence it that I found unless you close the utility completely. It's a minor complaint but very annoying. Hopefully there is a way to correct this we simply are not aware of.
The main window of the utility displays all the general health information as well as current clock speeds. Most utilities break all these things up but this one has it all in one spot. I actually like this approach. When you click on any of the headers near the top a slow moving control applet comes up in the large window in the center of the utility and thus allows you to make adjustments to settings that pertain to that category. So basically if you click on the CPU tab you'll get the CPU FSB adjustments. You can also set the auto overclocking mode if desired. This caused hard lockups whenever I attempted to use the feature. Manual FSB overclocking did however work just fine. DRAM frequency can be adjusted as well as the PCI Express frequency. These two settings are adjustable in the same options menu. Voltage control is also adjustable via the voltage control tab. CPU voltage and DRAM voltage were completely adjustable but north bridge voltage was grayed out. Fan control is minimal but easily adjusted. You can allow the Smart Fan feature to do its' job or you can manually adjust the fans by moving the RPM slider.
The BIOS is laid out in the familiar DOS menu style. There are several categories visible from the main screen. System Information, Advanced BIOS Features, Fox Central Control Unit, Advanced Chipset Features, Integrated Peripherals, Power Management Setup, PC Health Status, BIOS Security features and so on. System Information contains the time and date along with drive configuration options. Floppy options, half options, and mouse and keyboard settings are present here. At the bottom of the System Information screen you'll find the board model number BIOS ID, BIOS build date, BIOS version,Asics Skor, and processor model number. Also listed is the installed memory size and LAN MAC addresses.
Fox Central Control Unit is the next section of interest. This is the section where all the performance options such as those related to overclocking are found. The Fox Central Control Unit Menu has four submenus and a single setting for Advanced Clock Calibration or ACC. The Smart BIOS menu contains settings for the Smart Power LED and the Smart Boot Menu. CPU Speed, FSB/HTT speed and current memory speeds are also displayed here. The Fox Intelligent Stepping menu contains CPU/HT Reference Clock, SB Reference Clock, Processor Frequency FID, AM2+ Ratio Adjust,Vero Moda Online Shop, Spread Spectrum, CPU NB HT Link Speed, NCHT Incoming Link Width and NCHT Outgoing Link Width settings.
The Voltage Configuration Menu is self explanatory but it contains VCore Voltage Control, HT Voltage Control, DIMM Voltage Control, NB Voltage Control and CPU PLL Voltage Settings. The CPU Configuration menu contains a ton of CPU information and four settings. Microcode update, secure virtual machine mode, AMD PowerNow and ACPI SRAT Table. Finally we come back to the ACC Setting which is the new feature provided by AMD's new SB750 Southbridge. Advanced Clock Calibration can be configured for All Cores, one core, or automatic, or disabled. When enabled for one or more cores it can be adjusted from 0% adjustment all the way to negative or positive 12%.
The Advanced Chipset Features Menu has Memory Configuration options and PCI Express Configuration Options. Under the North Bridge Chipset Configurations you'll find two submenus, Memory Configuration and DRAM timing. Below these two submenus you'll find current CAS Latency, RAS, TRP, TRAS, TRRD, and TRC timings for the installed system memory. Under Memory Configuration you'll find settings for bank Interleaving, Channel Interleaving, Clock to all DIMMs, MemClk tristate C3/ATLVID, Memory Hole Remapping DCT Unganged mode, Power Down Enable, Optical Performance Mode, Auto Tweak Performance, and DRAM Config High Control. Under DRAM Timings you'll find the Memory Speed Mode, Memory Speed Adjust and DRAM Timing Mode. I really like what Foxconn has done here. You can selectively adjust each value automatically or manually. Rather than setting all your options to manual or auto all at once. The current value listed will of course either be the automatic value assigned by SPD or it will be whatever was manually entered but regardless you can see what it is currently set to. Last but not least is the Command Rate which defaulted to 2T for the RAM I used in my test setup.
Integrated Peripherals has drive configuration, USB configuration and SuperIO configuration settings. Here you can enable or disable onboard peripherals or configure their options. Power Management allows you to set ACPI modes as well as resume settings. Last but not least is PC Health Status which displays system temperatures and voltages. Fan speeds can also be monitored here. You can also enable or disable the case open (chassis intrusion detection) setting as well as CPU and System Smart Fan Functions.相关的主题文章:

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