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Doyle Brunson Wins Back to Back WSOP Main Events

Doyle Brunson is called the godfather of poker for a reason. He has been around the game for almost as long as it has existed in the mainstream. He plays in the WSOP just about every year and is still a force to be reckoned with nearly sixty years after he started. Perhaps the most memorable points in his career were in 1976 and 1977 when he won back to back WSOP titles. 

Bad beats are part of the game of poker as anyone who has ever played will let you know. Everyone has a story, but none quite like the final hands in both heads-up situations that gave Brunson both titles with the same hand. 

During the 1976 tournament, the WSOP was relatively new, in only its 7th year of existence. Brunson was in his prime and was going for the main event title. He made it heads-up against Jesse Alto. The final hand is one for the history books. Alto raised pre-flop with A-J. Doyle made the call with a 10-2 of spades. The flop comes down as A-J-10, one spade and two hearts. Alto made a pot sized bet and Brunson moved all in. Alto of course called with the top two pair and was the favourite in the hand, but it was not to be. The turn showed up a 2, and the river was a 10, giving Doyle a full house to win the tournament.

The following year Doyle again played the famous 10-2 hand in the final hand to win. He was up against an 8-5 this time, and his opponent flopped two pairs. After pressing all in Doyle turned a 2 and a 10 for another full house, another title, and another bad beat! 

Poker players around the world now refer to the 10-2 as the Doyle Brunson, and it is a hand he still likes to bet on regardless of the stakes. 

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