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US Online Poker Legislation Making Strides

It has been a rollercoaster year for online poker in the US. Many had given up the fight to see it legalised in the United States once again. However, now it seems like it may not be too long before it will once again be legal to play online poker in the US.

In fact, in June the very first online poker license, since Black Friday has been issued to a US gaming company Bally Technologies by the Gaming Control Board of Nevada. Now all that stands between Bally and the right to produce poker software legally for a US audience is a stamp of approval from the gaming commission in Nevada. With this coming to light, other major corporations like the Bwin network and International Game Technology have also filed applications for approval.

Now, everything is by no means settled and even the most optimistic of people said that it could still be another eight months until the first legal online poker hand is dealt to a US player. However, it does seem like there may be a potential solution not too far away.

In Illinois, John Cullerton, the state president had brought in a bill that creates a new division of gaming under the same as the lottery, which would make online poker legal if it is accepted by the general assembly. If this is approved then it is expected that the state will revenue billions of dollars. However, this is not something that has gone unnoticed and several other states have stood up and took notice. California quickly moved to distance the state from a potential link up with Nevada. They stated that there were tribal organisations who would contest the bill, even though it would have been edited for their benefit. Bwin, who have filed for a licence with Illinois have also gone for one in Nevada, which suggests that Nevada may go in alone with their application.

Other states that might possibly link up include West Virginia and Rhode Island with Delaware. New Jersey also have the bill filed but a decision will not be made until at least October this year. Last but not least, Colorado has filed the same bill as New Jersey but they do not have any plans to pass the bill anytime soon.

The rules currently state that currently you can play online poker in the United States if you are using an offshore company, and while frowned upon, the government are not actually seeking out people who are taking part in offshore gaming although the companies are illegal.

There are two reasons why poker is making strides to come back into the US. The first reason is money and the second is so the American government can have control over everything again. One person in the know has stated that the US government could revenue up to $8 billion if they legalised online poker again, and these figures simply cannot be ignored.

It may be a while before we see legalised online gaming once again in the United States but for the very first time since Black Friday it seems like there is a solution.

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