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Player Profile – Chris Ferguson

As one of the most recognised people on the circuit Chris ‘Jesus' Ferguson is a player that has been around on the poker circuit for many years now. He is one of the few to win the WSOP main event, and he is often described as the most intelligent person in the game. Here, we will look at Chris Ferguson in more detail.


Player Profile – Tom Dwan

At 25, Tom ‘Durrrr’ Dwan already has a lifetime of stories to tell. Durrrr was one of the original online poker professionals to surface, and he had all the characteristics you would expect as well. He is young, slightly outspoken, and he loves the game as much as any other. Here, we will explore more about one of the brightest players on the circuit, Tom Dwan.

History and About

Born on July 30, 1986 in Edison, New Jersey, Tom Dwan has not given too much away about his life. While not short of an opinion when it comes to other players and the game, he avoids talking about his life before poker.

Tom started playing poker online at the age of seventeen using money he received for his birthday to play $6 Sit N Go tournaments on Paradise Poker. After his initial success, Durrrr moved to low stakes no limit cash games where he slowly built a good sized bankroll. This continued for a while until he changed his focus to heads up no-limit cash games on the high-stakes tables (generally $10/20 or above) playing some of the best players online. As a player with no fear, Tom Dwan took on, and usually overcame, those who he seemingly stood no chance against.

Even though he earned a reported $5.5 million from cash games on Full Tilt Poker alone in 2008, Tom Dwan has gone through plenty of swings. It is reported that he lost 40% of his online bankroll ($2 million) in just four months during 2008. He also said that he lost $3.5 million in January 2009 alone and $7 million from October to December in the same year. However, these are all swings that Durrrr has recovered from.

2010 was probably the most eventful year for Tom Dwan. In the first few months of the year, Dwan was up a couple of million dollars after moving down a few levels after a rough end to 2009. When Black Friday struck, Tom Durrrr Dwan was approximately $3.5 million up for 2010.


As you can see from the above, Tom Durrrr Dwan has had a lot of success playing online cash. However, he has also had plenty of success offline. While he is yet to win a major tournament on the WPT, EPT or a bracelet at the WSOP, he has cashed two, one and ten times respectively.

At his first WSOP event, Dwan reached the final nine players in two tournaments, the $10,000 World Championship Mixed Event and the No-Limit 2-7 draw with re-buy’s event, finishing eighth in both.


The future is really up in the air for Durrrr. As an online professional who clearly preferred playing on the internet, he has stated that he wants to get back to a major site without having to move from America, which at the moment is impossible. It is believed that he will move possibly to Canada in the very near future and when that happens, he will be at the centre of a battle from the larger sites to sign him up.

Player Profile – Phil Hellmuth

It seems like Phil Hellmuth has been around at the tables forever, but at just 47 Hellmuth is far from finished. The leading WSOP bracelet holder has recently added to his record, and it is one that he intends to keep. Here, we will look at Phil Hellmuth the man and the player.

History and About

Born on July 16th 1964 in Madison Wisconsin, Hellmuth attended university to study for a business degree, but like many of the current crop of professionals, he dropped out to play poker.

As Hellmuth started playing long before the days of the online game, his upbringing was a lot different to the professional of today. While at university, Hellmuth played a few games, games that he would make a small profit from. This was all that Hellmuth needed as a sign that poker was what he wanted to do with his life. In his very first-year Hellmuth built a $12,000 bankroll playing local games.

During this time, Hellmuth started taking lessons from Tuli Haromy. Tuli suggested that it would be a good idea for Hellmuth to go to Vegas to play some of the bigger games so Hellmuth went for three days. Hellmuth learnt two things from that trip, he had what it took to beat the best, and he needed to drop all other forms of gambling. While Hellmuth won at the poker tables, he lost everything playing other table games.

It was 1988 when Hellmuth dropped all other forms of gambling. This is when he built enough of a bankroll to enter the main event at the WSOP in 1988, an event which he would be knocked out from, finishing 33rd.

Of course, Hellmuth would then go onto famously win the 1989 WSOP heads up against Chan, but this was not the start of the good times. Hellmuth basically spent all his money on luxuries and high-stakes games. At one point, Hellmuth even had to borrow money. Hellmuth himself admitted, later on, that he was too cocky because of his success, and this led to complacency.


Hellmuth’s real success at the tables didn’t come with that one big win in 1989. Many say that it started in 1992-1993 when he won four WSOP events inside two years. Even though the whole prize came in at about $100,000 less than his ‘big win’ the fact that Hellmuth won four main events was enough to put him on the map as an established player rather than somebody with just a single major tournament to his name.

Since then, Hellmuth has the record for the most bracelets at the WSOP with 12, final tables with 47, and money finishes with 90. He is also the first person to win a bracelet in four different decades.

Hellmuth has also had various successes outside the WSOP. He has cashed 13 times in WPT events even though he is yet to win one.


Hellmuth has already made it clear that he intends to win at least 50 WSOP bracelets so it is fair to say he has no intention of leaving the tables any time soon. Hellmuth has a strong media presence and has his own website where he sells poker merchandise.

What Tom Dwan did during and after Black Friday

As one of the central figureheads of Full Tilt Poker, Tom Dwan was just about as shocked as everybody when black Friday struck the US poker market. When it all went down, Mr. Dwan was one of the only high profile players to speak up about the situation, but a year on what does he think about it now? Recently, he gave an interview to speak about what he has done since black Friday and what he intends to do in the future.

Black Friday

At almost a year on from Black Friday, Tom Dwan did not sit down and let the events pass him buy. He openly stated his shock about the situation and was one of the only players to say that he would pay back everything he earned from the website if the worst happened and the company liquidated. Tom Dwan said that he was ‘disgusted’ with how Full Tilt acted and was amazed that a company with that much money was managed so badly.


Durrrr said that it was hard to speak up about Black Friday because as a player, he was tied up in NDAs. He did say that he didn’t think it was fair that the public was left in limbo for so long. He then said that once the US Department of Justice came out and answered all the big questions he could step in and fill the gaps.


Now, Tom Dwan says that he is positive about the way things are going, and it looks like there could be a resolution that would see all the US players get their money back. However, he also said that he had thought the same before and then something else happened. His concern is seeing the players getting their money back, even if it does take a long time. He mentioned that even if it took two or three more years it would be much better to see people returned what is rightfully theirs rather than them losing everything.


Mr. Dwan has kept himself to himself a bit since Black Friday. He said in this recent interview that he hadn’t spoken to any of the other pros from Full Tilt since Black Friday, and he has no plans to either.


The Future

When asked about his online gaming since the closure of Full Tilt, Tom Dwan said that his initial thought was that he didn’t want to move away from the States, but in order to continue it looks like he will have to as there will not be a solution to the issue soon. As Tom Dwan was one of the original online professionals, it seems strange that he has taken this long to decide, but it looks like it is now something in the pipeline.


When asked if he would consider just staying on the live circuit all the time, Durrrr answered that it wasn’t something that excited him, and he would much rather be able to play how he used to once again.

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