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What Tom Dwan did during and after Black Friday

As one of the central figureheads of Full Tilt Poker, Tom Dwan was just about as shocked as everybody when black Friday struck the US poker market. When it all went down, Mr. Dwan was one of the only high profile players to speak up about the situation, but a year on what does he think about it now? Recently, he gave an interview to speak about what he has done since black Friday and what he intends to do in the future.

Black Friday

At almost a year on from Black Friday, Tom Dwan did not sit down and let the events pass him buy. He openly stated his shock about the situation and was one of the only players to say that he would pay back everything he earned from the website if the worst happened and the company liquidated. Tom Dwan said that he was ‘disgusted’ with how Full Tilt acted and was amazed that a company with that much money was managed so badly.


Durrrr said that it was hard to speak up about Black Friday because as a player, he was tied up in NDAs. He did say that he didn’t think it was fair that the public was left in limbo for so long. He then said that once the US Department of Justice came out and answered all the big questions he could step in and fill the gaps.


Now, Tom Dwan says that he is positive about the way things are going, and it looks like there could be a resolution that would see all the US players get their money back. However, he also said that he had thought the same before and then something else happened. His concern is seeing the players getting their money back, even if it does take a long time. He mentioned that even if it took two or three more years it would be much better to see people returned what is rightfully theirs rather than them losing everything.


Mr. Dwan has kept himself to himself a bit since Black Friday. He said in this recent interview that he hadn’t spoken to any of the other pros from Full Tilt since Black Friday, and he has no plans to either.


The Future

When asked about his online gaming since the closure of Full Tilt, Tom Dwan said that his initial thought was that he didn’t want to move away from the States, but in order to continue it looks like he will have to as there will not be a solution to the issue soon. As Tom Dwan was one of the original online professionals, it seems strange that he has taken this long to decide, but it looks like it is now something in the pipeline.


When asked if he would consider just staying on the live circuit all the time, Durrrr answered that it wasn’t something that excited him, and he would much rather be able to play how he used to once again.

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