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Gus Hansen - Profile

Gus Hansen has been around on the poker circuit for what seems like an age, but at only 38 he is still by all means a young gun. As a naturally aggressive player, some have said that Hansen’s style is typically everything you would try to avoid as a player, but it seems to work, and his live winnings of over $9 million would say that his style has worked. Here, we explore a bit more about Gus Hansen.

History and About

Born in Denmark, Hansen is one of the only ‘faces’ of poker (famous poker players) that is not American. The reason why it seems like he has been around for an age is because he has been playing poker for over 15 years. He has been classified as a professional since 1997 (when he was 23) about five years before the online game really took off online. Before this, Hansen was a professional backgammon player who also enjoyed success playing tennis at youth level.

Currently, Hansen lives in Monte Carlo, Monaco with his wife and young daughter. Apart from poker, Hansen loves all sports including; golf, tennis, squash and football.


Hansen has not had too much success in the main WSOP event even though he did once finish 61st cashing over $150,000. Hansen does have one bracelet at the biggest series of events in England when he won the £10,350 No Limit Hold'em High Roller Heads-Up event in the WSOPE, taking down just under £290,000 (roughly $400,000.)

The majority of Hansen’s success has come outside of America on the World Poker Tour (WPT.) In fact, he was the first ever player to win three WPT tournaments, and is currently the only player who has won four. He has also had some success on the European poker tour.

Arguably, Hansen’s biggest success came with the $10,500 main event at the Aussie Millions where he pocketed A$1,500,000 for finishing first. He even released a book called Every Hand Revealed where he details the pivotal hands in the tournament.

Hansen has openly stated that he does not have a very good record playing cash games. In fact, he actually admitted that he had cash worries because of his poor record on cash tables. One of Hansen’s most famed moments involved him winning the fifth biggest pot on television of $575,000 with 5-5s against Daniel Negreanu 6-6s with the flop hitting both a 6 and 5 and the turn hitting the one remaining 5 in the deck.


Off of the tables, Hansen has plenty of other business interests, most of which involve poker. He is still very keen of backgammon and regularly appears on the commentary team of the World Series of Backgammon. Hansen has had previous successes with poker books, DVDs and with other poker companies as well. Hansen regularly appears as a commentator for poker on both Danish and American television.

With all this in mind, Hansen isn’t looking anywhere else but the poker table at the moment, and regardless of what you think about him and his style, he always plays to win.

Doyle Brunson - Profile

Quite simply, Doyle ‘Texas Dolly’ Brunson is a legend of poker. Poker Hall of Fame inductee, winner of 10 World Series of Poker bracelets, and the author of arguably the most respected poker book of all time, Super/System.

Brunson began playing poker long before it became the fashionable game we see today. There were no corporate sponsors, no global tournaments. Heck, there wasn’t even much safety and security for players. Brunson – along with other poker legends like Amarillo Slim and Sailor Roberts – would travel around Texas and the South, playing illegal games in places of disrepute. He admits that more than once he had a gun pulled on him, and that he has been robbed and mugged in the past.


Poker Profile - Daniel Negreanu

At just 37 years old, there are few more decorated players than Daniel Negreanu on the poker scene. Nicknamed Kid Poker, Daniel Negreanu currently plays online on Pokerstars, but his offline success outdates his online by a long way. Here, we will explore a bit more about the player.

History and About

Born in 1967 in Canada, Negreanu is of Romanian descent. His original dream was to be a snooker player, but he found himself playing cards at the halls, and before long he wanted to be a poker player.

As a high-school dropout, Negreanu started playing on the scene as a rounder quickly building up a bankroll. He then decided to move to Vegas at 22. However, this move proved to be too quick and Negreanu had to return home after losing everything to rebuild his bankroll. Negreanu is a keen golfer and when he is not at the table, he is usually on the green.

Negreanu made his breakthrough back in 1998 when he won his first WSOP bracelet playing a $2,000 pot limit Hold’em tournament and winning in a field that included some of the world’s best players at the time.

With this win, at the age of just 23, Negreanu became the youngest WSOP bracelet winner, a title which he held until 2004.


Negreanu has had plenty of success both online and offline. Offline he has four WSOP bracelets (totalling about $650,000) also finishing 11th in the main event in 2001. He has cashed 51 times in the WSOP, which is one of the highest totals of any player.

In the WPT, he has won two events, both in 2004, the Borgata Poker Open, and the Five Diamond World Poker Classic, which made him almost $3,000,000.

In early 2012, Negreanu became the all-time leading tournament money winner in major recognised tournaments with a total of just over $16,100,000 in recognised tournaments moving Phil Ivey (on $16,000,000) down to second place.

Negreanu is also well known as a cash player, frequently appearing on the television program high-stakes poker and playing other cash games when he visits the strip. Online, Negreanu has had various success stories, mostly on the cash tables, but he has had a few decent tournament runs as well.


Negreanu recently moved back to Canada from the strip so that he could continue to play online poker (due to the new regulations set out by Black Friday). As well as playing poker, he is involved in various other poker activities.

He has written a strategy book Power Hold'em Strategy. He also contributed to Doyle Brunson’s book the Super System II. He frequently writes for Cardplayer magazine and has his own very successful blog.

Negreanu is now a bit of a media figure. He has made various appearances, as himself in movies like X men origins. Therefore, regardless of his future at the tables, which for any player is always a bit of an unknown he has a great future off the table.

Tom Dwan - Profile

Tom ‘durrrrr’ Dwan may still only be 25 years old, but he is considered one of the best online and cash game players in the world. His style of aggression and ‘no fear’ poker has made him one of the most feared and most exciting players on the circuit.

Dwan famously took $50 given to him by his father for his 17th birthday, put it into Paradise Poker and built this tiny bankroll into one of the biggest bankrolls in the world. His nickname, ‘durrrrr’, was used to try to incite opponents to go on tilt.


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