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Is there a correct amount to raise pre-flop in NL Hold’em?

Betting pre-flop can dictate how a hand turns out. If you have a hand, and you do not bet enough you may get people with poor hands come into the flop and hit something. At the same time, bet too big, and you may scare those who you want in the hand away from it. With this in mind is there really a correct amount to raise pre-flop?

The amount you raise should vary based on a few factors

In the majority of cases, if you are going to put a bet in pre-flop, you can assume that betting three times the BB is correct.

What are your opponents like? If they are passive, you may be able to get away with minimum raising and taking down the pot.

·         Does the hand have any limpers? If there are limpers involved increase your bet size. With one limper go four X the BB, with two limpers go five times and so on.

·         What is your stack size? If you are raising more than 1/3 of your stack pre-flop, you should be either folding or going all in.

·         Are there antes? Make your raise 3.5 to 4 times the BB.

Is there a wrong bet you can make pre-flop?

Yes! For instance, there are some people that say you cannot play aces incorrect pre-flop. These people do not know what they are talking about. Say the blinds are 20-40 and the average stack size is 1500 chips, pressing all in with no raise behind you is a terrible move, and is the second-worst thing you can do behind folding.

At the same time, in the above example, flat calling or minimum raising is dangerous with a monster because you give people a reason to call. If you put aces against three or four other hands going to the flop the chances are the hand will get busted.

Remember, three betting (betting three times the big blind) should be enough to eliminate those with a poor hand. For this reason betting this amount is often an acceptable amount.

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