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How to Bluff

Every player has pulled off some sort of miracle bluff that made them feel temporarily invincible, but this euphoric feeling is dangerous because if it was really a miracle bluff, it probably means you had no reason to be trying to pull off the bluff, and you just got lucky and playing like this is risky.

There are certain situations when bluffing can be worthwhile, but they are few and far between. Bluffing is not something a beginner should try, nor should it be regular. Any player who bluffs frequently regardless of how justifiable they think it is will lose in the long run.

With the above in mind, it is not about how to bluff it is about when to bluff:

When to bluff

In a late position when you have a good chance of stealing the hand.

When the community cards are strong, and you feel the players in the hand do not have good cards based on betting patterns.

You have the image on a table of being a player that only plays the very best hands (they see you as a rock.)

You are only in the hand with one other player.

You know that you are playing against a rock, and they will only call or raise you on a monster hand.

When you should avoid bluffing

When you are in the hand with a loose player because they will keep on calling hoping to hit something.

When your bluff does not make mathematical sense, for instance, if you put 400 chips into a pot with 2000, you are giving good odds to those who need to chase, or those with a mediocre hand.

When there are several players in the hand because the chance of one of them calling is higher.

It is important that you learn the above points to understand when you may get away with making a bluff, but remember not to get carried away. In the majority of cases, you will know when it is the right time, and if you don’t have this feeling you should probably avoid it.

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