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Betting the Correct Size

There are many occasions when players either bet too small or big, and this gives away a lot of information about their hand. There is a correct way to bet that eliminates the risk of any chasers but still offers good value to those who remain in the pot. Here, we will explore this in more detail.

Why it is crucial not to bet the wrong size

If you bet too small, you are signifying one of two things, your hand is weak, or you are trying to trap, in any case, how you acted before, and how you act after will give your hand away. If you over bet the pot, then you are either trying to bluff, or you are trying to get paid. Once again, the moves you made before will give the other players a good idea of what type of hand you have.

The clue is on the table

The right way to bet is not hard to work out. In fact, the answer is always in front of you on the table. The size of the current pot will give you the best indication of what you should want to bet. There are three types of bets you can make; small, medium or large and there are different circumstances when they are considered right.


A small bet is half the size of the pot or less. In most cases, these bets are only correct as a continuation bet when you are sure you have the player scared enough to fold. The other time when it is acceptable to bet small is when you have the nuts, and you think that by betting small you will be re-raised or to build value in the pot to make it worthwhile.


A medium sized bet is considered any bet from about two-thirds to three-quarters of the pot. In many cases, a medium-sized bet is the right one. With a medium-size bet, you often price chasers out the pot, but you may give loose-passive players the chance to make the wrong call, and as long as you keep an eye out for any draws that could hit you should be able to win the hand. Furthermore, if you have a hand, a medium-sized bet makes the most logical sense.


There are only a few times when a large bet is acceptable. One of the times is when you are bluffing a big pot, and you are sure your opponent can’t call if you completely out price them. However, this is really risky.

Remember, it is important, regardless of your hand, to bet the same amounts consistently. If you are bluffing, then chucking in a different sized bet to normal is a rather obvious indication that you are trying to pull the wool over somebody’s eyes.

In the majority of cases, raising three times the big blind pre-flop and three-quarters of the pot after the flop is the best way to play a hand.

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