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Gaining information on your online players

When you play offline, you can tell a bit about a player by their facial expression, body language and any other tells. Even the newest of players can spot flaws in how people play, and this will go some way to giving them an indication of what they are up against. In fact, some of the expert body language readers could almost tell you your exact cards based on your reaction to them. With this in mind, when you move on the internet, how can you keep this advantage? Surprisingly enough there are several online tells that people ignore as irrelevant. Here, we will explore gaining information in more detail.


Here is one of the most valuable tips any player can give a newbie, never use the chat box. Good players will constantly be analysing any move you make, so chatting is not advised. However, that is not to say you can’t use it to your advantage. If there is a player who is being aggressive in the way that they are chatting, because they have been caught out by a ‘bad’ player, then they may be on tilt.

Auto Actions

If you are in a hand, and you realise that a player is instantly acting (without delay), then the chances are they have selected an auto action. Say you are on the button, and the action has folded around to you. You limp into the pot with 4-4 and the small blind folds and the big blind instantly checks. This signifies that they either had the check or check/fold button selected, and what you can take from this is that they are not happy with the strength of their hand.

So, say the flop hits Q-10-K, you have missed this board completely, but the fact that the big blind had checked instantly suggests that they have none of the board either. In this instance, stick out a continuation bet and the chances are that you will take it down there and then.


Players always act at a certain speed. Some act slowly and some act quickly, there is nothing wrong with either as long as they have analysed the play, but if this changes, then you should pay attention.

If a slow player decides to put in a raise quickly, the chances that they have a big hand are high. At the same time, an instant check would signify the opposite. If a quick player is taking their time to make a move, then they probably have a decision to make. This signifies that they could be working out pot odds or even trapping you into thinking that they have a big decision.

These are three of the main ways that you can work out a bit more about the players you are up against when sitting at an online poker table. In any case, make sure you are always paying attention and that you take notes about players you feel are relevant because this could give you the small advantage that makes a big difference.


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