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How to catch a bluffer

Catching a bluffer is one of the best feelings you can get when playing any type of poker. However, unless you are an experienced player then trying this move is not something that would be recommended. Furthermore, even if you are experienced, you would also need to be really sure that you are making the right move. Here, we will explore some points that may help you catch a bluffer.

It should be noted that in order to catch a bluffer, unless you intend to push him off with a raise, you should have something decent behind you. Remember, your hand only needs to beat your opponents to win the pot. With this in mind, calling or re-raising with little is not something that you should do often because there is a fine line between raising somebody you think is bluffing and becoming a loose player.

Alterations to their normal game

The most obvious way to catch a bluffer is to find alterations in their game. For instance, if you are playing against somebody who you know will raise two-thirds of the pot almost every time when they have something, why are they raising half or the whole pot this time around? Either one would suggest they could be trying it on.

Sometimes you may just be up against a loose player

Some people play poker to win, and some play for the thrill. The latter type of player will often fall into the loose-aggressive category and if this is the case then you should find it quite easy to catch them out. In many cases, these players will make themselves known to you quickly. The majority of them will show you their bluffs to boast that they have won with nothing in order to boost their ego a bit. However, what they are actually showing the smart player is that they will bluff from time to time.

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