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Understanding the Reverse Tell

In poker, you need to have a certain level of knowledge and be able to implement it into your game to be considered a good player. However, there are other advanced ‘special’ moves that often make the difference between a decent player and a great one. Here, we will explore a bit more about one of these moves, the reverse tell.

What is the reverse tell?

A reverse tell (or false tell) is a move that you intentionally play to throw your opponent off your hand. This move will therefore make it much harder for them to gather information about your potential hands. True masters of the reverse tell will be able to make somebody think they're bluffing when they have the nuts, and that they have the nuts when they have nothing.

Why you should never use the reverse tell against bad player or grinders

In order for it to work the player you are up against needs to be watching your table and paying attention. If you are up against somebody that is playing 10 tables, then the chances are they haven’t seen your move. At the same time, a poor player isn’t likely to pick up on what you are trying to tell them so it makes this move worthless.

You should actually target good players with this move who will spot your tell and try to use it against you even though by doing this they are falling into your trap.

Good idea to play the long reverse tell

If you play regularly, then you will inevitably come up against the same players. When you are making notes about their style of play, you should also note how they react to your moves as well. If you can tell that they have clearly spotted a weakness in your play, then implement it next time you have a monster. They might not call, but if your little move gives them that extra push to trap them then it is well worth it.

Moves to consider

People expect that you will try to delay a hand when you have the nuts to make it look like you are thinking about playing it. They also expect that you will bet hastily if you are on a decent hand so try reversing these. Bet quickly if you are bluffing and try thinking about your hand when you actually have something that is worth thinking about.

It may also be worth trying to chat a bit on the table. If you can strike up a discussion, you may be able to tempt somebody into playing you without them even knowing it. For instance, say you are talking about poker, and you get tied up in a hand, and you change the subject, or stop talking altogether, this may suggest nervousness, which you can use to your advantage.

Playing a reverse tell is much easier when you are playing offline because you can use your body language to throw your opponent, but there are ways you can implement the reverse tell into your online game.


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