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Playing Poker Related to Popular iPhone Game Temple Run

Many people see poker as a sport while others see it as a game of endurance, well now playing poker has been linked to one of the most successful mobile games, Temple Run. Here, we will look at some of the similarities between the two and work out if playing the game can help you with poker.

Practice makes perfect

At the tables, like on the game, the more you play the further you will progress. Of course, from time to time you will stumble in the early stages, but generally if you are learning from your errors you will progress more and more each time.


Gems are not always worth getting

In Temple Run, there are gems that you can collect to gain points, and while the temptation is there to collect every gem sometimes it is better to stay alive and not put yourself at risk. The same can be said of poker. In reality, while we would like to be in every hand in the majority of cases, it is best to sit out and stay safe. In fact, if you were to go for every gem (play every hand) you will find that while initial success could be rewarding in the long run you will never progress very far.


Relying on your instincts

There are occasions in the game (later on more than anything) when the speed increases to such a level that you have to use a gut instinct to work out what you are going to do next. The same can be said for poker. Calculating the majority of your moves is exactly what you should be doing, but sometimes your gut instinct should come into play. As you play more and more your instinct will get better, and soon you will realise when people may be trying to bluff you. Having the confidence to trust your instincts on occasion will set you apart from the robotic players and will allow you to become a better player. Many professionals are where they are now because they have a terrific gut instinct that they developed from an early stage in their poker journey.

Sometimes you can’t win

In poker, it does not matter if you get your chips in as a 99% favourite every single time there will still be one time when you lose. You can’t win every hand, and the sooner you learn that the better player you will become. On temple run, sometimes there are jumps that come to quickly after a corner or trees in the way that are impossible to avoid, the main thing is you do not throw your gaming device out of the window.

These are just four of the similarities between poker and temple run. It is believed that many poker players play this game because it teaches patience and is generally a good way to pass the time. In fact, a Welsh professional by the name of Roberto Romanello actually carries one of the highest registered scores.

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