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Hiding Poker Tells

Almost every player will have a very minor tell. If you're lucky, then nobody has picked up on it but maybe everybody knows, and they have not told you for obvious reasons. Some players like Phil Hellmuth (the leading WSOP bracelet winner of all time) generally cover any possible chance of a tell in the late stages of a tournament by utilising sunglasses, a baseball cap and his own hands, and this is clearly working for him. Here, we will explore a few ways to hide your poker tells.

Stop talking

Talking on the table, as long as it is not about the game is fine. However, if you get involved in a hand give you mouth a rest for a minute. Too many people give a lot of information away in their voice tone and what they are saying without even realising it.

Even if you are talking about what you ate for breakfast this morning while you are involved in a hand you may be offering some sort of valuable information to your opponents, information that you would not offer if you kept your mouth closed.


Cover up the face

A very large percentage of the most noticeable tells come from the face or the hands. As mentioned, Hellmuth effectively deals with both issues in the majority of tournaments by using his hands to cover his mouth, sunglasses to cover his eyes and a baseball cap to cover up just about everything else.

In the later stages of a tournament, it does not matter if Hellmuth is betting the nuts or throwing out a bluff he will always make the same move so it is almost impossible for somebody to spot a tell. For a professional that has racked up hundreds of hours of television play, covering up any tell is a must.

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