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How to play somebody on tilt

It is great to catch somebody playing on tilt because more often than not they become very loose-passive. Furthermore, going on tilt is one of the easiest things to spot. Here, we will explore some of the points to consider when playing somebody on tilt.

Spotting Tilt

It is crucial to remember that the person who has gone on tilt does not need to have lost a hand on your table. That person could have lost a huge hand on another table, or even another site so it is important you watch for noticeable changes in their style. Furthermore, not everybody that gets bad beat goes on tilt. Do not assume that because somebody has been hit by a sick runner-runner draw that they are going to start throwing their chips away automatically.

Play a bit looser

As long as you are not up against a bunch of other players it can be a good idea to adjust your style to try to catch tilters. Many people decide to call a small raise with low pocket pairs (hoping to flop a set) and suited connectors if they are heads up with somebody on tilt because the potential reward (your implied pot odds) will be huge.

Never think that you have won before the hand is over

Even somebody on the biggest tilt ever has two pocket cards. Say one player has gone on tilt and has lost the last ten hands he has been in as a result of poor play, on their 11th they could be holding aces in the hole. This is dangerous because you are looking at this player as somebody throwing their chips away, and if they have any common sense they would be trying to appear as reckless as possible in order to try to recuperate some chips. As this could be the case, it is important that you do not overvalue a poor hand.

It is imperative that you only slightly adjust your style rather than chuck the rule book away when you are dealing with somebody you have good reason to believe is on tilt.

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