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How to Play the Final Table of an MTT

So, you have reached the final table of a multi table tournament, and the chances are you are going to be getting a decent amount of money for your troubles. When you entered the tournament several hours ago this is what you were waiting for but what do you do now you are here? In this guide, we will explore some tips to help with playing the final table of a multi table tournament.

It is important that you are clued up on playing the latter stages and the final table of multi table tournaments. This is because getting there does not happen all the time for the majority of players. Therefore, your final table experience will be limited. Playing here is nothing like playing the early to middle stages of the tournament so you should change the way you play.

The difference between finishing 9th and 1st

When players reach the final table, there is often a small break and during this time, many open the payment positions to see their potential returns. This is fair enough because you have earned the right to check. However, the issue comes when people start checking to see the difference between 9th and 8th place. Once you look at the next position up you are sub-consciously giving up any chance of finishing in the top three because by checking the difference you are saying to yourself that you want to be a player who hangs around rather than one that is willing to become the aggressor. There have been occasions when people have folded aces pre-flop on a final table of a MTT because there is a bunch of action pre flop, and they want to stay in. This is the exact opposite of what you want to be doing.

This is the general attitude of many players who hit the final table of an MTT, and if you can spot these players you need to become the one that bullies them.

The pay table for a MTT usually looks something like this:

9th: 1.70%

8th: 2.60%

7th: 3.50%

6th: 4.50%

5th: 5.50%

4th: 7.00%

3rd: 10.50%

2nd: 15.40%

1st: 25.00%

So, say there are 500 players in a $20 MTT the pay would look something like this:


9th: £170

8th: £260

7th: £350

6th: £450

5th: £550

4th: £700

3rd: £1050

2nd: £1540

1st: £2500

If your aim is to take 2.6%, you may as well give up on the 25% from the moment you are dealt the first hand, unless you get very lucky with the hands you are dealt. The best players look at what the payment is for first, and they can spot the ones that are trying to hang on. Let’s face it, while earning £260 would be nice if you can afford a £20 entry fee into a MTT your bankroll should be at least £1500-£2000 anyway so in the grand scheme of things it is not going to make too much difference.

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