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Basic Tactics of Limit Hold’em

The most popular format of poker is no-limit Hold’em, but there are millions of players who still only play the other formats like limit. Even though the majority of the rules are the same, how you should play the game is almost completely different. In fact, just because you are a good no-limit player it does not mean you will be a decent limit player and vice versa. Here, we will look at some of the basic tactics of limit Hold’em.

Bluffing is all but eliminated from the game

In no limit Hold’em when the action is on you, there is the option to chuck all your chips in at any time. Even if your stack is 1,500 and the pot is 30 you can move all in. In the limit variation, this is never the case. You can only raise double the big blind at any one point. Therefore, the art of bluffing should leave the game. The fact is that you can get from the flop to the showdown for a minimal amount (in comparison to the blinds) so chasing is much easier.

Bankroll limits change drastically

Following on from the point above because there is less risk involved at all times, you should change your limits if you are moving from no limit to limit Hold’em. If you are playing on a cash table, then the rule is you should only play on tables that you could afford 300 big bets on. So, for instance, if you have a bankroll of $600, you should be on $1/$2 limit tables. Where as in order to play no-limit Hold’em at this level you would need to have a bankroll of $5000 (25 maximum buy in’s to this limit). Therefore, a no-limit cash player with a bankroll of $600 should be at a $0.10/$0.25 table.

Still play tight-aggressive

The worst thing you can do as a limit player if you are coming across from no limit is to start playing loose because it looks like it costs less. If you play the right bankroll limits as detailed above a call at $1/$2 is still going to cost you $2 that’s eight bets if you are playing a $0.25 table. However, this is the attitude of many of the limit players so if anything you have to play tighter in the earlier positions and start to loosen up later. Strangely enough calling is rarely the right move in limit poker unless you are getting good pot odds. If you feel like you have the best hand you should be betting hard, and if that means re-raising a re-raise, then that should be the case.

These are only a few of the tips that you should follow if you are playing limit poker, but they are all very important pieces of information. The best thing anyone can tell you if you are making the move from no-limit to limit is that the two games are actually very different so you should be careful.

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