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How to multi-table correctly

If you want to make money playing online poker, you will need to learn how to multi table efficiently. Now, it may sound simple, but it isn’t if you want to be a ‘real’ grinder. However, there are things you can do to make multi tabling much easier.

Buy a large monitor

Trying to run 16 tables on a 12-inch monitor is not impossible, but it is very hard. In fact, a lot of people have made very costly errors because they have been playing too many tables on a small screen. If you want to take it seriously, then look into buying a 32-inch monitor (at least). You can hook this right up to your laptop, and it will make playing a lot of tables much easier.

Make sure you are playing on a site that can accommodate the amount of tables you want to play

Some sites, even s the bigger ones, limit the number of tables you can play on. Therefore, even if you want to play 16 tables, they may limit you to 12. It is imperative that you work out how many tables you want to play then see whether your current site will allow you to do it.

Furthermore, the site that you are using needs to have a decent number of people logged on at the times you intend on multi-tabling otherwise you will never get more than a few tables running.

Practice before increasing

Going from 1 table to 16 overnight is not going to happen. Even if your game is perfect, increasing the number of tables will mean that you start to make simple errors. If you do want to multi-table, increase the number of tables you play gradually until you find the number you can play without struggling. Then, after playing this number for a certain time you will find that you can handle it. Only when you are comfortable should you increase.

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