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Should I leave a cash table if I’m massively over stacked?

If you have gone on a cash table, and you have built a huge stack, should you leave the table? Many players with large stacks find that they become a target, and they can’t deal with this additional pressure, so they end up losing their stack, while others thrive on this ‘attention’ and actually improve. However, what one is correct?

How have you made the stack?

If you have made the stack because you’ve lucked out a couple of times, then you have to ask yourself if you are at the right table. Getting lucky implies that you have gone into the hand behind, which may be alright once, but if you start to do it regularly it could be that you are playing on a table where the standard is too high.

If this is the case, and you’ve built a stack through luck rather than good play, it is best to leave.

On the other hand, if you’ve sat at the table for hours and have built a stack playing well against poor players, then why should you leave? Furthermore, what you tend to find is that you will become a bit of a target.

In some cases, especially on the bigger sites, you’ll find that a waiting list builds up if you have a huge stack, and you will become a target. In many cases, those who target the big stacks are chancers looking for a David vs. Goliath type battle.

These people often play quite loose to give themselves a chance of spiking against you, and these are the people you want to play.

To surmise, it all comes down to how you have made the stack. However, it can also be about personal preference. 

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