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Is there ever a good reason to sit out in a tournament tactically?

Sitting out is usually an option that is reserved for unscheduled breaks. Nobody really likes to leave because everybody thinks that as soon as they hit that button and walk away from the action they’ll be dealt a monster. With this in mind is there ever a good time to sit out of a tournament tactically?

Sitting out in the early stages of a tournament

Some people do not see the point in playing the very early stages of a tournament. In fact, many people miss the first few blind levels of a tournament while the maniacs sort themselves out. This may not be the right way to play.

However, some people prefer to do it because you can safely assume that after three blind levels the maniacs have either busted out or got well stacked. Furthermore, their own stack would not have been too badly knocked.

Sitting out to hit the bubble

Once again, it is questionable if this is the right thing to do because your goal should never be to finish in the pay, your goal should be to win, but some people choose to sit out in order to make the pay.

The chances are if you are doing it to make the pay because it’s going to make that much of a difference to your balance, then you are playing for the wrong stakes.

Sitting out to cash higher

There are people that sit out in the pay positions in order to increase the amount they earn. This is ridiculous because the player is essentially giving up on winning the tournament and hoping to take down a bit more.

In reality, while some people may disagree, there is never a good time to sit out tactically in a tournament. In any case, you should be confident enough in your play to stay there for every hand possible.

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