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A look at key terms in poker, Q – X


In poker, there are several types of tournament and one of them is the re-buy tournament. In a re-buy you are allowed to buy back in if you go bust or fall below a certain amount, and in return, you pay the fee for entry (minus any house fees.) In the majority of cases you will be able to re-buy up until the first break (an hour) for 1500 chips, but this will depend on the tournament specifications.

A re-buy may also refer to somebody buying back into a cash game again after going bust.

Return on Investment

In poker, your return on investment (ROI) is something that you need to track closely. In short, a positive ROI shows that a player is winning whereas a negative one implies that they have lost.

A ROI is calculated as so; in a tournament where the entry is $10 if a player enters and wins $20 the player has made $10 profit. In order to work out the ROI, all you do is take the entry fee, and profit made from the tournament. In this instance, this sum would be 10/10, what you then do is convert this to a percentage to give you your ROI.

Split Pot

If two or more players have the same hand where a flush or kicker does not come into play the pot is split evenly. It could be that a pot is split between more than two players. For instance, if five players go to the pot and the board hits A-K-Q-J-10 with no chance of a flush, this means the board is offering the nuts, and any other possible hand cannot better the board. If all of these five players made it to the river, then the pot would be split evenly between them.


If you are involved in a hand where you are a favourite when you get your chips in and end up losing, then you may go on tilt. The definition of tilt varies. However, most people would say that any variation (regardless of how small) in how you play based on anything negative that happened to them in a previous hand would define a player tilting.

What sets a player on tilt will vary. The very best players can control their natural tilt instinct. Some refuse to believe that they have one even though they might and some ‘blow up’ at the very slightest bad beat.

Weak play

A weak player as the name suggests is the easiest type of player to play against in the eyes of many professionals. This type of player will often play in a passive manner. This means that they will check when they should bet or will only raise a small amount when they should really be betting more.

If you feel that you are a weak player and have passive tendencies, then you should make sure you sort these problems out before playing any more real money games.

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